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What are some key VMware View features?

The process of a proper installation of VMware View is one thing, but knowing how it operates is key to unlocking its full potential.

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How virtual hardware affects data center flexibility

Administrators who want to get the most out of their virtualization investments will need to perform an upgrade to the virtual hardware, and know how to undo the change if problems arise.

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Learning problem-solving techniques from kids at play

When new vulnerabilities arise in your data center, you may surprise yourself at how staying creative and adaptable can sometimes reveal the best solution to the problem.

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How SSDs stretch their lifespan

While using solid-state drives in a vSphere environment can give a boost to VMs that require high performance, it's important to know how certain longevity features function in the storage hardware.

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VMware Basics

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    VMware Integrated OpenStack (VMware VIO)

    VMware Integrated OpenStack (VMware VIO) is an OpenStack distribution tested and supported by VMware for companies that want to deploy and manage a private cloud on top of their vSphere infrastructure.

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    VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VMware vDS)

    A VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VMware vDS) allows a single virtual switch to connect multiple hosts in a cluster or multiple clusters for centralized management of network configurations in a vSphere environment.

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    VMware Horizon View Composer

    VMware Horizon View Composer is a feature in Horizon View that gives administrators the ability to manage pools of desktops that share a common virtual disk.

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