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Cloud company finds solid foundation with VSAN

Virtual SAN is a novel feature in vSphere, but one new cloud services provider was confident enough to build its business around the software-defined storage technology.


VMware keeps buying, but what's missing?

Virtualization company VMware continues to plug holes in its software-defined portfolio as it adapts to a more mobile, cloud-centric world. Where should it look next?

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Proper setup is key for Site Recovery Manager

VMware's Site Recovery Manager product can protect critical workloads in a disaster, but unless an administrator has fine-tuned SRM for the business, it may not perform as expected when trouble strikes the data center.

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Save time and effort with preventative troubleshooting

While there are several ways a vSphere administrator can save time and trouble before disaster visits the data center, there are a few measures to take while correcting an issue to keep a problem from growing into a full-blown catastrophe.

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VMware Basics

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    monster VM (monster virtual machine)

    A monster virtual machine is a virtual machine (VM) that typically has more than eight virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and more than 255 GB of virtual RAM.

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    VM hardware version (virtual machine hardware version)

    The VM hardware version (virtual machine hardware version) designates the virtual hardware functions supported by a virtual machine (VM), which relates to the hardware on the host server.

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    VVOLS (Virtual Volumes)

    VVOLs is a provisioning feature for vSphere 6 that changes how virtual machines (VMs) are stored and managed.

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