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Navigating the VMware certification path

What is the best VMware certification path for you?


VMware certifications prove the recipient is up to speed with the latest virtualization technology. The higher you go up the path, the more advanced your level of expertise.

VMware's newest certification, VMware Certified Associate, is the lowest level and indicates you have a basic understanding of virtualization technology and are able to apply it to VMware products. In the next step up, a VMware Certified Professional has more advanced skills, such as installing and configuring vCenter Server or VMware ESXi. The two next top tiers, VMware Certified Advanced Professional and VMware Certified Design Expert, put you in elite company.

This guide explains the different certification levels and the different paths currently available.

1Beginner level-

VMware certifications and VMware Certified Associate

VMware certifications burnish your resume and earn you respect in the industry. But how do you get started? Which path is the best fit for you? There are several avenues to choose from: cloud, end-user computing, network virtualization and data center. Becoming a VMware Certified Associate (VCA), VMware's newest certification level, will start you on your way.


Getting started on the VMware certification path

When you begin your VMware certification journey, knowing how and where to start can be a mystery. But once you get started, these certifications can be a big boost for your resume. Continue Reading


Stay fresh with multiple vendor certifications

There is a ceiling when it comes to a single certification but the sky is the limit when you take advantage of the multiple certifications available. Continue Reading


Exploring the VMware certification roadmap

There are now four levels of VMware certifications, but each one has variations, including cloud, data center and virtualization, end user computing and network virtualization. Continue Reading


Where do VMware certifications stack up?

It never hurts to have certifications, especially VMware ones. But where do they stack up in the certification world? Continue Reading


Becoming a VCA is the first step in the VMware certification journey

VMware's newest certification, VMware Certified Associate, is also the simplest one and is good for those with basic knowledge of VMware technologies. Continue Reading

2Intermediate level-

VMware Certified Professionals

Before VCAs, a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) was known as the beginner's certification. After the VCA announcement at VMworld 2013, VMware brought changes to the VCP level in March 2014 that some found difficult to process. Instead of earning a lifelong certification, VCPs must now recertify every two years, something VMware says will be beneficial.


There's work to do before the test

Taking the VCP test can be stressful, but some of the burden can be lifted if you're well prepared with known terminology. Continue Reading


Getting ready to pass the VCP exam

Once you finish the training course, you'll have to pass VMware's exam to become a VMware Certified Professional. Get familiar with the VCP blueprint to prep for the test. Continue Reading


VMware certification change catches users' attention

Users with VMware Certified Professional certifications will no longer be certified for life and instead have to recertify after just a couple of years. Continue Reading


How to keep your VCP certification

Now that you have to recertify every two years, VCPs can get accustomed to how to do so and the different options they have. Continue Reading


How the new VCP policy can improve

Not everyone was happy with the new VCP certification policy, and users have suggestions on what can make it better. Continue Reading

3Advanced level-

VMware Certified Advanced Professional and VMware Certified Design Expert

To reach the top of the mountain of VMware certifications, you will need to become a VMware certified design expert (VCDX). But that advancement requires acquiring a VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) level. These two high-level certifications prove that those who have them are the cream of the crop in VMware users.


Which certification path is the right fit for you?

Having trouble choosing between different VCAP tracks? The advanced professional certification offers the most options among the data center, cloud and end-user computing tracks. Continue Reading


Users are wary of new VMware certification cloud options

When VMware debuted five new cloud options and three new desktop virtualization options -- mostly for VCAPs -- some IT pros were skeptical. Continue Reading


What does it take to get VCDX certified?

There's a reason that VCDX is the expert-level certification from VMware. There is a lot of work to do beforehand if you even want to think about getting VCDX certified. Continue Reading


VCDX practices can better your VMware environment

Not everyone has the time and resources or even skills to achieve a VCDX certification from VMware, but that doesn't mean IT pros can't follow the same standards and principles. Continue Reading


Overcoming the last hurdle for a VCDX certification

After hours and hours of work to achieve a VCDX certification, the last obstacle you'll face is understanding panel defense. Getting a head start now on panel defense could give you a leg up down the road. Continue Reading

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