Backing up VMware host servers and guest OSes

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  • linked clones

    Linked clones are copies of virtual machines that share virtual disks with the parent VM, which conserves space and allows multiple VMs to use the same software. 

  • VCB proxy (VMware Consolidated Backup proxy)

    VCB proxy (VMware Consolidated Backup proxy) is the server that collects virtual machine (VM) backup data from VMware Consolidated Backup. 

  • bubble network

    A bubble network is a series of interconnected virtual machines (VMs) that communicate through a virtual network switch (vSwitch) and remain isolated from the physical network. 

  • VMware CTK file

    A VMware CTK file contains a list of all the changes made to a VMware virtual machine (VM) since it was last backed up. 

  • Changed Block Tracking (CBT)

    VMware Changed Block Tracking is an incremental backup technology for virtual machines (VMs), comparable to snapshot differential or backup delta block. 

  • VMware snapshot

    A VMware snapshot is a copy of the virtual machine's disk file (VMDK) at a given point in time. 

About Backing up VMware host servers and guest OSes

Backing up VMware ESX Server hosts and guest OSes is a common and necessary VMware administrative task. There are several backup options on the market today, but the most common tool is VMware Consolidated Backup, or VCB. This section offers various tips on using VCB, such as how to configure VMware ESX and VCB for use with iSCSI LUN. We also offer an article on back up alternatives if VCB isn't an option for your IT shop.

VMware will also soon launch its vCenter Data Recovery product, which is VMware's new application for backing up and restoring virtual machines and utilizes de-duplication technology, which should save a significant amount of disk space over VCB.