Creating and upgrading VMware servers and VMs

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  • VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM)

    VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) is software that manages vSphere versions, installs and updates third-party ESX/ESXi host extensions, automates the patch and upgrade process on ESX/ESXi hosts, and performs upgrades to virtual appliances, VMware T... 

  • vSphere hot plug

    vSphere hot plug is a function lets administrators add additional virtual hardware to running virtual machines (VMs). 

  • VMware host profile

    VMware Host Profiles is a vCenter Server tool to design and deploy ESX/ESXi hosts. 

  • vSphere hot add

    VMware vSphere hot add is a feature that allows an administrator to increase the random access memory (RAM) capacity of a running virtual machine (VM) without downtime. 

  • VMware template

    A VMware template is a perfect, model copy of a virtual machine from which you can clone, convert or deploy more virtual machines. 

  • VMware vApp

    A VMware vApp is a collection of virtual machines (VMs) and sometimes other vApps that host a multi-tier application, its policies and service levels. 

  • VMware VMCI (VMware Virtual Machine Communication Interface)

    VMware VMCI (Virtual Machine Communication Interface) is a high-speed interface that virtual machines (VMs) on the same host use to communicate with each other and the host kernel modules. 

  • VMware resource pool

    A VMware resource pool is the aggregated physical compute hardware -- CPU and memory, as well as other components -- allocated to virtual machines (VMs) in a VMware virtual infrastructure. 

  • VMkernel

    VMkernel is a POSIX-like operating system developed by VMware. The VMkernel is the liaison between virtual machines (VMs) and the physical hardware that supports them. 

  • VMware Converter

    VMware Converter is a utility that facilitates the creation of VMware virtual machines from physical systems or virtual machines associated with third-party vendors. The utility also enables migration of virtual machines between VMware platforms from... 

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About Creating and upgrading VMware servers and VMs

Whether you're upgrading from VMware ESX 3.x to vSphere 4 or from VMware ESXi to VMware ESX we've got you covered in this section on creating and upgrading VMware virtual machines.

Here, you'll find news on what's new with anything regarding new VMware releases, video tours and screencasts on new products and functions, and most importantly step-by-step how-to style articles written by industry experts.

Examples of our tips include how to install VMware ESXi on a physical server, how to solve driver installation problems on an upgrade, how to select licensing to maximize your ROI and reduce TCO, and walk-throughts of popular migration products such as Vizioncore vConverter, VMware Capacity Planner and PlateSpin PowerRecon.