Securing a VMware environment

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  • esxtop

    Esxtop is a command-line tool that gives you real-time information on resource usage in your vSphere environment. 

  • VMware vShield

    VMware vShield is a group of networking and security products for virtualized IT infrastructures, comprising vShield Manager, vShield Edge, vShield Zones, vShield App, vShield Data Security and vShield Endpoint. 

About Securing a VMware environment

Do you know how to create a defense-in-depth security strategy for your VMware virtual machines? There are a lot of considerations when it comes to VMware security. One of our tips offers step-by-step instructions for using TCP Wrappers, Pluggable Authentication Modules and iptables to increase security. Another alerts you to possible vulnerabilities in VMware ESXi if you don't have a firewall. Further, if you're running VMware ESX 3.x or if you don't have vShield Zones, data that's hosted on various virtual machines can be migrated via VMotion to a network outside of a demilitarized zone (DMZ) or moved to a host with different security settings, both of which can cause data breaches. We have another tip that details how to prevent this using the right configurations.

We also offer tips that assist you in getting started with free third-party security products, such as TripWire ConfigCheck and Veeam Monitor, and others that explain the ins and outs of newer VMware security tools and applications such as VMsafe and vShield Zones.