Using monitoring and performance tools with VMware

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  • VMware vFabric Hyperic

    VMware vFabric Hyperic is an agent-based monitoring system that automatically collects metrics on the performance and availability of hardware resources, operating systems, middleware and applications in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. 

  • VMware OVF Tool (VMware Open Virtualization Format Tool)

    The VMware OVF Tool is a command-line utility that allows administrators to import and export OVF packages to and from VMware products. 

  • VMware vCenter Log Insight

    VMware vCenter Log Insight is a virtual appliance that allows admins to view, manage and analyze syslog data. Log Insight is a syslog server, log consolidation tool and log analysis tool that works for any type of device that can send syslog data. 

  • VMware vCenter Server Linked Mode

    VMware vCenter Server Linked Mode is a tool that allows administrators a consolidated view of management zones and allows servers to support an increased number of virtual machines. 

  • VMware Virtual SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing)

    VMware Virtual SMP is a utility that allows a single virtual machine to use two or more processors simultaneously. The utility is part of a virtualization suite called VMware Infrastructure 3... (Continued) 

About Using monitoring and performance tools with VMware

There are many third-party VMware monitoring and performance tools on the market today and sorting through them is a heavy task. In this section you'll find tips from VMware administrators and virtualization-focused consultants that explain how to use and install such tools, focusing on free tools such as Veeam Monitor free edition, Solarwinds VM Monitor, Trilead VM Explorer and TripWire ConfigCheck. VI3 and vSphere also come with various monitoring and performance tools, such as esxtop and the VMware Infrastructure Management Assistant (VIMA).

You'll also find articles on the additional tools that VMware will release in 2009, which include vCenter CapacityIQ, a performance monitoring tool that also forecasts future utilization; vCenter AppSeed, which monitors application performance so administrators can determine why, when a host virtual machine's performance looks OK, end users might be complaining of poor application response; and vCenter Chargeback, which will monitor various hosts and guest OSes to determine which department the cost of running the machine should be allocated to.