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  • Two VMware cloud partnerships reemerge: News in review

    VMware's cloud partnerships with Salesforce.com and Google will be in the spotlight at its upcoming SpringSource developer conference, SpringOne 2GX. 

  • The VMword 2010 diaries

    Follow Eric Siebert through the largest virtualization conference of the year. He provides his overall thoughts on VMworld 2010 and recounts his week at the show. 

  • VMworld 2010 diary: Monday

    Eric Siebert discusses his VMworld 2010 sessions on affordable home labs and how virtualization works in the Monday edition of his VMworld 2010 diary. 

  • VMworld 2010 diary: Tuesday

    Eric Siebert weighs in on the keynotes by Paul Maritz and Stephen Herrod, plus the Best of VMworld 2010 Awards judging, in the Tuesday edition of his VMworld 2010 diary. 

  • VMworld 2010 diary: Wednesday and Thursday

    Eric Siebert shares his final thoughts on VMworld 2010 and looks forward to VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. 

  • VMware won't lower price, says exec

    VMware ESX and ESXi will beat the virtualization competition based on maturity and stability, not price, says VMware Senior Director of Product Marketing Bogomil Balkansky in this exclusive interview. 

  • Price history points to cheaper VMware

    VMware has a history of decreasing its prices in response to competition. With Microsoft's release of Hyper-V, will VMware repeat the pattern or maintain its current per-socket pricing structure? 

  • How can I convince my boss a tool is worth investing in on a hunch?

    It's easy to get the owner of my small business to buy IT if there's a defined need for it -- antivirus, auditing tools, whatever. What about the stuff that I'd like to try out but can't identify an immediate, near-term or probable need for? I'm refe... 

  • VMware Server

    VMware Server is a virtualization solution that makes it possible to partition a single physical server into multiple virtual machines... (Continued) 

  • VMware Lab Manager

    VMware Lab Manager is a software development and testing tool that enables designers and engineers to pool network and storage resources ... (Continued) 

  • virtual machine configuration

    Virtual machine configuration is the arrangement of resources assigned to a virtual machine. The resources allocated to a virtual machine (VM) typically include allocated processors, memory, disks, network adapters and the user interface. 

  • embedded hypervisor

    An embedded hypervisor is a hypervisor that is programmed (embedded) directly into a processor, personal computer (PC) or server. This architecture offers convenience at the cost of some flexibility compared with conventional hypervisors ... (Continu... 

  • VMware Converter

    VMware Converter is a utility that facilitates the creation of VMware virtual machines from physical systems or virtual machines associated with third-party vendors. The utility also enables migration of virtual machines between VMware platforms from... 

  • VMware VirtualCenter

    VMware VirtualCenter is a software suite designed to centralize the management of virtualized IT environments... (Continued) 

  • VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3)

    VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) is a software suite designed to centralize and optimize desktop management and data center resources through virtualization... (Continued) 

  • hardware virtualization

    Hardware virtualization is a method of providing circuits in a processor and memory controller to support two or more operating systems on a single computer or server... (Continued) 

  • host operating system

    A host operating system (OS) is the original OS installed on a computer... (Continued) 

  • VMware announces vSphere

    Today, VMware officially announced vSphere. 

  • VMworld 2008 bag of swag video

    Every year, we record a bag of swag video at the conclusion of VMworld. Watch editorial director Jan Stafford and associate editor Hannah Drake go through their spoils.