VMware Workstation, Fusion and Player

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  • VMware VMCI (VMware Virtual Machine Communication Interface)

    VMware VMCI (Virtual Machine Communication Interface) is a high-speed interface that virtual machines (VMs) on the same host use to communicate with each other and the host kernel modules. 

  • VMware Workstation

    VMware Workstation is a test-and-development environment that allows systems administrators to create and run virtual machines (VMs) directly on a desktop. 

About VMware Workstation, Fusion and Player

Here, you'll find expert tips explaining various usage scenarios for VMware's hosted virtualization products, namely VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion and VMware Player.

VMware Workstation allows you to get more out of your laptop or desktop computer by enabling it to run multiple OSes. In one tip, an expert explains how to use VMware Workstation as part of a low-cost disaster recovery plan. Other tips explain how to install Windows Server 2008 on Workstation and how to manage virtual networks. You'll also see articles that cover installing the latest versions and notable functionality enhancements with each Workstation release.

We'll also soon start offering tips on using VMware Fusion for those who want to run Windows on a Mac for various reasons.

VMware Player is VMware's free desktop application that allows you to run Fusion and Workstation virtual machines on a Windows or Linux PC. Experts offer way to leverage this free product in our VMware Player-focused tips.