VMware basics

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  • VMware vSphere

    VMware vSphere is brand name for VMware's suite of products that use the ESX/ESXi hypervisor. Before 2009. VMware vSphere was known as VMware Infrastructure. 

  • vTax

    VTax is the derogatory nickname the general public gave to a licensing change for VMware vSphere 5.0. 

  • vmkfstools

    Vmkfstools is an ESXi Shell command line interface (CLI) for building and managing volumes and virtual disks on an ESX/ESXi host. 

  • thick provision eager zeroed

    Thick provision eager zeroed is a provisioning format for a virtual machine (VM) disk that creates a virtual disk in a default thick format. 

  • virtual CPU (vCPU)

    A virtual CPU (vCPU), also known as a virtual processor, is a CPU core assigned to a virtual machine process. vCPUs are a part of the implementation of the SMP (symmetric multi-processing) multi-threaded model. Virtualized applications rely heavily o... 

  • VMUG (VMware User Group)

    A VMUG (VMware User Group) is an international community of VMware users whose goal is to share knowledge. 

  • thick provision lazy zeroed

    Thick provision lazy zeroed is a provisioning format for a virtual machine (VM) disk that creates a virtual disk in a default thick format. 

  • VMware vSphere Web Client plug-in

    VMware vSphere Web Client plug-ins are programs that either come from VMware itself or from third-party developers and partners to extend the vSphere Web Client with custom menu selections and toolbar icons that provide access to custom capabilities ... 

  • VMware template

    A VMware template is a perfect, model copy of a virtual machine from which you can clone, convert or deploy more virtual machines. 

  • VMware snapshot

    A VMware snapshot is a copy of the virtual machine's disk file (VMDK) at a given point in time. 

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About VMware basics

There's a lot to learn as a new VMware administrator. This section offers a collection of beginner tips that walk you through everything from installing VMware products such as VMware Server, vSphere 4.0 and VMware ESX and ESXi, to introductory articles on the basics of what VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM) is, how it works, and when to use it, for example.

Our contributors will also help you get started using PowerShell scripts to manage VMware ESX if you haven't started doing so, explain the basic ESX networking options and give you pointers for improving ESX performance.