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  • vmkfstools

    Vmkfstools is an ESXi Shell command line interface (CLI) for building and managing volumes and virtual disks on an ESX/ESXi host.

  • VMware vSphere

    VMware vSphere is brand name for VMware's suite of products that use the ESX/ESXi hypervisor. Before 2009. VMware vSphere was known as VMware Infrastructure.

  • vTax

    VTax is the derogatory nickname the general public gave to a licensing change for VMware vSphere 5.0.

    In 2011, VMware documentation stated that “vSphere 5.0 will be...

  • Use VMware vMA to automate your way to administrative nirvana

    As VMware administrators, we have a number of options available to us for automation. You can use VMware Orchestrator, PowerCLI and the vSphere Management Assistant.


  • Can vCenter Log Insight diagnose a slow NFS data store?

    Does vCenter Log Insight support NFS data stores to uncover latency issues?

    Administrators armed with vCenter Log Insight,...

  • How to overcome a missing driver problem in an ESXi home lab build

    How can I run an ESXi home lab for vSphere 5.5 without having all the drivers?

    Many virtualization administrators who are eager to try out the new offerings from VMware have an ESXi home lab or want to build a relatively cheap one...

  • Is VMware Workstation 10 worth the upgrade for your test-and-dev site?

    Like any new software version it releases, VMware touts Workstation 10 and its new features as the best testing and development application for your business. Does it live up to the hype? I'll explore what I believe are the most significant...

  • Burnish your resume by stepping onto the VMware certification path

    For virtualization administrators, the rapidly expanding VMware certification path can be a daunting one to negotiate. VMware continues to expand its certification offerings faster than any other technology company. With so many new...

  • VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VMware VDPA)

    VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VMware VDPA) is a Linux-based...

  • Moving VM testing from VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi to Workstation

    VMware admins can't skip VM testing just because it eats up vSphere resources. Testing ESX/ESXi VMs in VMware Workstation frees up vSphere for production.

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