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  • VMware snapshot tools help admins keep a trim virtual environment

    Snapshots in your vSphere environment weren't meant to last forever. Here's how to ferret them out before they drag your virtual infrastructure down.

  • VMware snapshot

    A VMware snapshot is a copy of the virtual machine's disk file (VMDK) at a given point in time.

  • VMware snapshot size and other causes for slow snapshots

    Snapshots offer multiple restore points for VMs, but add complication. Poor performance can stem from the VMware snapshot size and other root causes.

  • The top five free tools for managing VMware vSphere

    It's not always true that you get what you pay for, especially when you're considering tools for managing VMware vSphere. There are some really great, free vSphere tools available for admins in the virtualization space. Here are five free tools I...

  • Using snapshot, replication for data protection

    George Crump of Storage Switzerland discusses the limitations of snapshot, replication and other technologies for data protection.

  • What to do when VMware Storage vMotion falters

    What should I check if a VMware Storage vMotion operation fails?

    VMware Storage vMotion is a sophisticated tool with complex software and numerous hardware dependencies. Since numerous potential errors can arise during a...

  • Using clones as templates in VMware Workstation

    Virtualization administrators can use templates to create multiple VMs. While there are several ways to do this in vSphere, one method that doesn't get much press is to use clones as templates in VMware Workstation.

    This tutorial will...

  • SRM and VMware snapshots

    Read this tip on SRM and snapshots from expert Mike Laverick.

  • Backup vs replication, snapshots, CDP in data protection strategy

    Best practice data protection strategy combines backup with snapshots, CDP and replication for different levels of recovery

  • VMware Player Plus 6 fills niche for no-frills hypervisor

    VMware continues to impress with its offerings of free, or low-cost, desktop hypervisors, including VMware Player Plus 6. Using Player's ability to open existing VMs and create new ones is both simple and fast. Player is a great tool for basic...

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