New HA Advanced Settings

You may already be familiar with das.isolationaddress – but did you know that there other (new) settings that can be set on the “Advanced” options in VMware HA?

You may already be familiar with das.isolationaddress – but did you know that there other (new) settings that can...

be set on the “Advanced” options in VMware HA. They are too detailed to list here. But if you follow this URL – you can learn all about them.

Of particular interest to me are the options – das.vmMemoryMinMB and das.vmCpuMinMHz. These two values are used by HA trigger the message about insufficient resources for failover. For example das.vmMemoryMinMB is used to:

“Specifies the minimum amount of memory (in megabytes) sufficient for any virtual machine in the cluster to be usable. This value is used only if the memory reservation is not specified for the virtual machine and is used for HA admission control and calculating the current failover level. If no value is specified, the default is 256MB.”

In training classes, sometimes the servers we use have very low memory values (2/4GB) of memory. Even with just a small amount of VMs we can easily get an invalid warning about a lack of resources – and a red exclamation mark. Setting this value to lower number generally will get rid of this lab error.

This was first published in March 2008

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