What's new in VCB

Today I stumbled upon a new feature of VCB.

Today, by accident, I stumbled upon a new feature of VCB: LAN Backup with VCB. Even if your VCB proxy has no SAN

or iSCSI visibility, you can still use VCB. There is a new “LAN Copier” which allows you backup. Of course, this kind of negates the whole point of VCB to some degree, offloading the backup from the network to the SAN/iSCSI system. The new switch -m “nbd” allows you to enable this mode. Interestingly, if you get an error in this config the error tells you to use ndb, not nbd. The command-line help does say clearly to use -m “nbd”

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This was first published in March 2008

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