Chinwag with Stu McHugh [Episode 27]


This weeks chinwag is with Stu McHugh. I know Stu from the London VMware User Group where he’s a regular attendee. At the last VMUG, Stu presented (for the first time, well done Stu!) about his experiences of rolling out a virtual desktop solution in his environment. It was the kind of gold-dust real-world customer focused thing which is short supply. So I was keen to get Stu on the chinwag to share his unique experiences with others.


His blog is located here:


And he’s also on twitter: @stu_mchugh


This is the list of questions I had for our chinwag:

  1. I understand you use local storage for your virtual desktops – what decisions lead you down this route, and why did you discount shared storage
  2. What thin and zero clients have trialed – and what have your experiences been like?
  3. Your project use WinXP, I was interested to know why you didn’t use VDI as jumping off point for Win7?
  4. It looks like you backwards and forwards between RDP vs PCoIP – what caused you fall along the lines of PCoIP…?
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