VMworld VIDEO: What’s new VMware Convertor 4.0

This was a great session in the new features of Convertor 4.0 from VMware. As you might know the new version came out recently – and this was a great session for catching up with what VMware doing. Here’s a top-level view. The video is mainly me asking questions at the end!


So the new version now supports:

  • Linux P2V with a special helper-VM. This affectively runs very like using the cold-clone CD inside a VM. Something we do in the VMware courses to demo the on-line and offline methods
  • P2V VMotion – Basically, a bit “live state” P2V which uses snapshots and works with Windows Services to get the P2V’d VM closer in state to the physical source
  • Reduced Time – We shown stats that showed the old method against the new – how different in time it took to the conversion of an SQL Server – down from 3hrs to 13mins!

 On the downside the cold-clone CD for 4.0 isn’t (yet available) BUT on the upside when it is – the whole thing will be free…

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