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What are some best practices for VM backup or restoration?

Understand these six crucial best practices for backing up and restoring VMs on your ESXi host. These strategies will ensure backups are protected and restoration is successful.

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What options are available for VM backups?

Different VM backup and restoration approaches can favor consistency, speed or simplicity. Consider which you value most, and tailor your methodology to that.

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How do I back up and restore an ESXi host with the command line?

Backing up and properly restoring VMs are essential tasks for workload protection. Use a command-line interface, such as vSphere CLI or PowerCLI, to back up and restore the ESXi host.


Heptio is a cornerstone of VMware's Kubernetes strategy

In its acquisition of Heptio, VMware positioned itself as a potential leader in the open source Kubernetes management market. However, the company must still fill in some gaps.

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