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At SearchVMware.com, our expert editorial staff and team of contributors, including VMware Certified Design Expert, Brian Suhr, break down the pros, cons, features, deployment considerations and more of the latest VMware products and services, and provide detailed insights and best practices around managing VMware environments.

As the leader in the virtualization market, VMware plays a critical role in almost every aspect of today’s virtualized enterprise IT environments, and as a result, it’s critical for IT pros to stay up to date on the newest tools and offerings available, understand how to evaluate them and determine the most appropriate VM strategy for their organization  – and that’s where SearchVMware.com comes in.

Explore valuable details on all things VMware, from popular technologies like vSphere, vMotion, View and more, to VMware certifications and troubleshooting tips, and the latest news and releases from VMware to ensure you’re equipped to fully utilize VMware in your virtualized infrastructure.

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