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Can VMware Converter make a difference when using nested VMs?

There are free tools, such as VMware Converter, that can pump more performance out of your virtual machines.

We have a physical machine that runs VMware and hosts a virtual machine we use for SharePoint deployment testing. The machine is old, so we're looking at using hosted VMs on another server. Is it possible to run VMware inside VMware? This would be for SharePoint testing with an associated SQL server.

VMware Workstation warning message
Figure 1. This screenshot shows the warning when a Windows 7 virtual machine runs VMware Workstation, which contains a Windows 7 virtual machine.

Yes, what you're asking is possible. In the image below, you can see one option: An ESXi host is running a Windows 7 virtual machine, which has VMware Workstation 10 running another Windows 7 virtual machine. Note that vSphere will warn you that the additional layer of virtualization will cause performance to suffer.

However, there is a better solution. The free VMware Converter can transform the existing virtual machine on VMware Workstation to a virtual machine running on your ESXi host. If you clone the virtual machine this way, it will be identical to the original virtual machine but it will run with the maximum performance that you can get from your ESXi host. You can provide the SharePoint development team with a user account that has the rights to manage the new virtual machine.

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Yes, but then in a hosting scenario they would have to pay for another vm. I believe they are trying to avoid that.