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Can a Horizon 6 Cloud Pod balance View desktops?

VMware's new end-user computing platform Horizon 6 has several new features, which may close the distance with perennial leader Citrix.

In a Horizon View environment with two pods, does the Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6 handle basic load-balancing to keep users from overloading one pod when another pod is not being fully utilized?

There is some confusion about Horizon 6, the new desktop and application publishing offering from VMware, which has some new features but doesn't feature new products. Rather, Horizon 6 is the name given to the latest bundle of end-user computing products from VMware that are based on the vSphere hypervisor.

One new feature in Horizon 6 is Cloud Pod Architecture, which centralizes management across multiple data centers with Horizon View pods with a single entitlement layer. This consolidation allows administrators to go beyond the 10,000 virtual desktop limit in Horizon View and connect up to four pods to centralize management of a total of 20,000 desktops. In this release, however, the balancing of users between pods will still need to be handled by a third-party software or hardware product.

"We can do the entitlement [in this scenario] but the decision on something like looking at the load is something that would still fall back on the [load balancing device]. We're not load-balancing inside this [Cloud Pod] mechanism. We're would still need to rely on that [load balancing device]. We don't get around that," said Andrew Zychek, a senior systems engineer at VMware, during his presentation on Horizon 6 best practices at the Boston VMUG User Conference on June 24.

Zychek went on to say the single entitlement layer that allowed pods to exchange information about users rights via the Cloud Pod Architecture was the first step in building such things as disaster-recovery components in future versions of Horizon.

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