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Copy VMDK files if you need to hand over a virtual machine

Copy VMDK files and then import them into the host if you need to hand over a VM to a client.

I have four virtual machines running on ESXi. How can I give one virtual machine to my client so he can manage...


This can be easily done when you copy the VMDK of the virtual machine. Once the VMDK is copied from the ESXi server, it can be imported into the ESXi host of the customer.

If you need to copy virtual machines to customer ESXi hosts on a frequent basis, it might be a good idea to create these virtual machines on VMware Workstation. Recent versions of VMware Workstation have an integrated option to upload virtual machines to an ESXi server, which makes this process even easier.

This was last published in October 2013

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Copy the VMDK! Now you tell me! Geez?