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Do I need to use the vCAC cloud management platform with VMware NSX?

If a company wants to use VMware NSX to speed up deployments, what other VMware products do administrators need?

Is VMware vCloud Automation Center required to run VMware NSX?

The short answer is yes. "If you want to deploy at scale today, you [would] use vCAC [VMware vCloud Automation Center] as a service catalog to provision compute and automate compute," according to Ravi Kagalavadi, principal system engineer of network virtualization at VMware.

Kagalavadi took this question during his "Introducing VMware NSX Network Virtualization" keynote at the Virtual Technology Users Group (VTUG) Fall Forward 2013 event.

Kagalavadi added, "VCAC is a requirement if you want to start deploying at scale for network virtualization services at scale. It's easy to create the 10 or 15 [virtual machines] using the [vSphere] software, but if you want to go at scale, you want somecloud management platform."

"Typically, with the vSphere platform, most [companies] are using vCAC. With other platforms, you see CloudStack or OpenStack," he said.

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