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How can admins protect data in VMware Horizon 6?

Noted for its server virtualization dominance, VMware is set to launch Horizon 6, its latest salvo in the war to take VDI customers from Citrix.

In Horizon 6, how can an administrator clamp down on security and keep data generated from a published application in a server on the company network?

VMware's Horizon 6 desktop virtualization platform features remote desktop session host (RDSH) support and published applications, all as part of its plan to invade the personal space of Citrix and its market-leading XenApp offering.

VMware also integrated vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPs)  in Horizon 6 -- slated for release June 10 --  to give systems administrators a troubleshooting tool to unearth problems from the user desktop all the way to the data center. 

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The increased functionality for end-user computing can be attractive to a company looking to reduce costs and cut down on technical support issues. However, a plan to introduce a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) brings with it concerns about licensing, performance and how to keep sensitive information generated by mobile users from falling into the wrong hands.

"Let's face it, in an enterprise environment, most companies have policies where they don't want their users to save data locally [to avoid problems] in the event if this laptop crashes," said Jim Cardoso, a VMware systems engineer specializing in end-user computing, during a TechTalk Live recent presentation in Waltham, Massachusetts. "Being able to map a drive as part of a login script can let them save their data [internally]."

In Horizon 6, the administrator maps a drive in the RDSH to a user's profile. This makes the data available to users whenever they log in and also keeps any files they create in the company's data center to comply with any established security policies.

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