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How do admins handle licensing in Horizon 6?

Systems administrators tasked with managing users and published applications in Horizon 6 must define who has access to which programs.

How do administrators manage licensing in the service catalog component of Horizon 6? Are all available published applications displayed to each user?

VMware pulled a page from the Citrix playbook and added remote application capabilities in Horizon 6, VMware's new desktop virtualization platform slated for general availability on June 10.

The unified application catalog and self-service portal within VMware Horizon Workspace for desktops and mobile devices allows employees -- for example, sales representatives working remotely -- to run applications from a storefront without getting IT involved by opening a help-desk ticket. VMware can deliver applications, whether made by its own ThinApp or Citrix's XenApp, via the Horizon 6 catalog.

But one key concern for administrators revolves around commercial software -- specifically, licensing -- and how it is handled in Horizon 6.

"Licensing can be done on the back end of Workspace. You can entitle users based on what licensing they have," said Jim Cardoso, a VMware systems engineer specializing in end-user computing, during a TechTalk Live presentation in Waltham, Mass., on May 6. 

"You can also set up user-initiated applications ... so if the user needs to add that [application] to their storefront or application catalog, they can do it that way. But the licensing is done on the back end in the Workspace console," Cardoso said.

Access to applications via Workspace is tied to the user's profile in Active Directory. When adding an application to the Horizon 6 environment, the administrator can define which AD groups can access the application and maintain control over which users can use the application.

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