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How do virtualization admins get VMs going on VMware vCHS?

Pushing virtual workloads into the cloud can be daunting due to the technical uncertainties and the number of IaaS providers to choose from.

With VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), how do virtualization administrators get VMs from ESXi servers in a data center to VMware's public cloud platform?

"[VMware vCHS uses] the same [virtualization] platform. We can take a virtual machine that's running on vSphere today, shut it down, migrate it over to vCHS [and] power it back on," said Chris Colotti, senior product line technical marketing manager at VMware.

Colotti discussed VMware vCHS use cases, networking capabilities and other features of VMware's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering at the VTUG Winter Warmer event in January 2014. VMware positions vCHS to compete with public cloud offerings from Amazon, Microsoft and Google. VMware is betting that its users with large numbers of VMs will stick with the VMware IaaS when the time comes to look for a cloud provider.

In addition to moving existing VMs to vCHS -- which currently uses data centers in Las Vegas; Santa Clara, Calif.; Sterling, Va.; and Dallas to provide the platform -- users can add new VMs or an entire data center into the public cloud and attach them to the company's on-premises VMware infrastructure.

"There's no change to the VM. [There is] no change to the configuration. It's the same infrastructure. ... So migrating virtual machines from point A to point B becomes really easy," said Colotti.

Colotti admitted the process of moving a VM to the vCHS platform required some effort from virtualization administrators.

"It's not vMotion. We don't have the capability to vMotion to vCHS. ... Today, it's as simple as shutting down the VM and bringing it back online," he said.

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