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How does AppDefense integrate VMware application monitoring?

VMware AppDefense integrates with a variety of tools and products. These partnerships reveal insight into application behavior, including automated responses to deviations.

VMware doesn't intend for AppDefense to operate alone. The service directly interacts with other VMware products,...

such as vSphere 6.5 and vCenter, and also offers the ability to integrate its VMware application monitoring technology with third-party endpoint and security information and event management tools. These third-party tools use VMware AppDefense features and functionality, which will enable users to continue using familiar tools rather than adding AppDefense as a separate security tool.

VMware has announced five major integrations to launch AppDefense. These integrations include IBM's QRadar security analytics platform -- added through the IBM Security App Exchange -- RSA's NetWitness Suite, Carbon Black's Reputation Service, SecureWorks' Cloud Guardian products and Puppet Enterprise. Integration of VMware application monitoring with additional third-party tools might become available in the future as AppDefense becomes more established.

All the latest on VMware AppDefense monitoring and security

Refer to these general tips to learn more about how VMware AppDefense performs application monitoring, how AppDefense ties into VMware cloud services and what role it will play in VMware's network security strategy at large.

Such integration will enable third-party tools to provide better security insight into the behaviors and dependencies of each virtualized workload, as well as automated response and remediation capabilities in the face of unexpected or unplanned application behaviors. As an example, SecureWorks' Counter Threat Platform (CTP) will use VMware application monitoring to understand the importance and criticality of any variations from an application's intended state. This can help CTP end unusual behaviors before they seriously damage the application or the enterprise.

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