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How is vCloud Suite 5.8 licensed?

Consider the price of the recurring support costs for vCloud Suite and decide whether a basic or production subscription makes more sense for your business.

VMware's vCloud Suite 5.8 uses a per-processor licensing scheme, not per-core. Each physical processor must have an assigned license to run vCloud Suite 5.8. But any virtual machine running on a processor licensed for vCloud Suite 5.8 can use any of the components available in that edition of the suite. This is the same paradigm used for vSphere Enterprise Plus, so it will probably be familiar to current vSphere users.

Licenses do not impose any restrictions on the number of physical cores or physical memory available on the host server. In addition, there are no limits on the number of virtual machines that can run on a processor that is licensed for vCloud Suite 5.8. This provides substantial flexibility in configuring, launching and managing virtual machines in the data center.

Per-license pricing is reasonably straightforward for vCloud Suite 5.8 depending upon the edition. The standard edition costs $4,995 per license; the advanced edition is $7,495 per license; and the enterprise edition is $11,495 per license.

The software support and maintenance costs are an added, recurring cost that must be included in any cost analysis. The annual costs for basic support and subscription are $1,049 for the standard edition, $1,574 for the advanced edition and $2,414 for the enterprise edition. Yearly costs for production support and subscription are $1,249 for the standard edition, $1,874 for the advanced edition and $2,874 for the enterprise edition.

Choose your support options with care. Basic support may seem more cost-effective, but it's only available 12 hours per day on Monday through Friday. Production support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. For enterprise users, the annual cost of production support may be far lower than the potential loss of productivity if trouble strikes while basic support is unavailable.

Remember that the prices shown above are all suggested retail prices. A wide range of discounts and specials may be available through resellers and vary with volume purchases, so it's always worth considering the total scope of the vCloud Suite deployment and support needs, and then obtaining competitive quotes before making a final purchasing commitment.

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