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How much does VMware NSX cost?

VMware's network virtualization product was recently updated to version 6.1.4 to add features, issue fixes and plug several vulnerabilities.

VMware's latest NSX release of its network virtualization offering at version 6.1.4 is an update that primarily...

addresses known issues and improves compatibility with supporting products.

For example, NSX 6.1.4 provides compatibility with vSphere 6.0. But VMware notes that new vSphere features have not been thoroughly tested with NSX and should not be used until more testing is performed. Examples include unexpected behavior when using ESXi account management tools, lockdown mode enhancements, vMotion over NSX components and other issues. NSX 6.1.4 now includes the open shortest path first feature on subinterfaces and introduces a new command to push logical switch information to new NSX controllers.

Similarly, NSX 6.1.4 includes various fixes and addresses a number of vulnerabilities. Fixes include IP address assignments to NIC teams, long NSX Manager load times or assess problems, disappearing hosts, networking and security tab timeouts, to name a few fixes. Security updates correct vulnerabilities including known Skip-TLS, Freak, Poodle and other flaws. Support for the MSRPC protocol for application-level gateway rules on the distributed firewall was removed.

Some of these updates make changes to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and OpenSSL versions used with NSX, so it's important to check that any third-party components used with NSX support the updated JRE and OpenSSL versions before upgrading to NSX 6.1.4. Otherwise, those components may no longer work when an update to this NSX release has been performed.

Adding up the NSX cost

VMware NSX for vSphere can be purchased from VMware channel partners or resellers for about $5,995 per CPU. VMware NSX for a multi-hypervisor environment runs about $6,995 per CPU. Finally, NSX can be purchased as a vCloud Suite add-on for about $3,995 per CPU.

Remember that pricing may also require the additional purchase of one- or three-year support subscriptions for NSX and can vary depending on the particular reseller, volume discounts and other incentives. It's always worth discussing needs, negotiating support and obtaining firm quotes before acquiring NSX. In some cases, bundling NSX with supporting network hardware -- such as Dell's S6000 L2 gateway switch -- may offer financial benefits for NSX adoption.

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