How to correct VMware View certificate errors

Attempting to correct issues with a VMware View certificate is a lengthy process that can be less challenging if you can upgrade.

On a site that uses View 4.5 with self-signed certificates, certain View clients that require a Certificate Authority certificate are giving me errors. How are certificates assigned to a VMware infrastructure? Is it done at a Windows level or in the VMware settings?

Describing how to install the certificate would take a lengthy tutorial, but there are several websites that detail how to generate certificates for VMware Horizon View.

The short answer is that you must create a VMware View certificate for each Windows server that runs a Horizon View role, such as connection servers, security servers, composer and transfer servers.

If possible, upgrade to a newer version of View. The process to install certificates has become easier starting with View 5.2. If you can move up to the most current version of 5.3, released in November 2013, that would make this update less difficult to accomplish.

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