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Is there a limit to how much data vCenter Log Insight can examine?

VMware's vCenter Log Insight gives systems administrators a tool to troubleshoot both their virtual environment and physical devices.

Is there any limit to the retention period on virtual clients -- other than the size of the logs -- that VMware...

vCenter Log Insight can handle?

"No, you can add as much disk capacity as you want," said Steve Flanders, VMware senior solutions architect, during his vCenter Log Insight presentation at a recent Boston VMUG user conference.  "I believe we've only tested up to 4 terabytes. But we are in the process of testing even further going forward. We're not aware of the limitation, how much capacity you can add for more retention."

Flanders explained how vCenter Log Insight could assist system administrators with pinpointing the source of problems in the data center infrastructure as an alternative to opening a ticket with VMware's Global Support Services.

While there is no hard ceiling for the amount of information Log Insight will sift through, Flanders stressed that a time frame on a query will make a difference in how quickly the application will return results.

"The more events you have, the more data you need to query over, the longer it takes to pull it off disk, the longer it takes the CPU to provide the regular expressions that you care about," Flanders said.
For users who want to build a graph to see if vCenter Log Insight can reveal a trend, Flanders recommends users avoid regular expressions and build queries instead.

"If you have a very optimized query and you're not returning trillions of events, [then] it doesn't really matter if you're [searching through] all time," he said. "If you want to see trending, you could make that work. You just need to make sure your query is optimized."

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