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Perplexing audio issue ripples through Horizon View pool

When audio works in one Horizon View pool but consistently fails in another, what steps can a system administrator take to remedy the problem?

We have two VMware Horizon View pools running Windows 7 64-bit. One of the pools is not playing audio reliably. The audio service was deactivated due to the power service being disabled. After changing the power service from disabled to automatic and starting the service, the audio works. But after a restart, the power service reverts to disabled and kills the audio service. This can't be Group-Policy-related because it's not affecting the other pool. What could the problem be?

Since you don't think it's a Group Policy issue and it happens in one pool and not in the other pool, I would not expect the issue to be in the operating system.

My first guess would be the problem lies in the pool, where the virtual machines start with the audio service disabled again. There may be a pool setting where the virtual machines are refreshed after each login. This would explain why they start with the same configuration each time.

However, there is a question whether both pools are linked clones based on the same parent and snapshot. Is it possible the pools are using different images? That would explain why the configuration settings between the two pools are not identical.

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