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To which OpenStack projects does VMware contribute the most?

VMware Integrated OpenStack might not be the highest priority product in VMware's portfolio, but VMware is a major contributor to other OpenStack projects.

Once upon a time, VMware focused solely on proprietary software. As the world of IT has expanded, so too have VMware's...

horizons. In addition to cloud services, network virtualization and software-defined storage, VMware has become an important contributor to a number of open source projects, including OpenStack. So, exactly how important is VMware as a contributor to the OpenStack community and OpenStack projects?

To answer that question, the OpenStack Foundation created Stackalytics, a website that lists contributions for each OpenStack project in each version of OpenStack. The OpenStack Foundation quantifies contributions in measures of code reviews. For example, for the upcoming Pike release, Red Hat is the most active contributor with 30,621 code reviews at time of publication -- a number that's likely to increase. By way of comparison, VMware is twelfth on the list of contributors with a total of 2,176 at time of publication. VMware doesn't rank higher on the list of Pike contributors simply because, out of the company's product portfolio, VMware Integrated OpenStack doesn't take top priority.

Equally interesting is which OpenStack projects VMware makes significant contributions to. If you go to the top of the Stackalytics page and, under the Company filter, select VMware from the drop-down menu, you can see which OpenStack projects VMware contributes to the most. At present, VMware contributes heavily to Nova Compute -- OpenStack's hypervisor project -- Neutron networking and the VMware NSX plug-in for Neutron networking.

VMware also contributes to a number of software-defined networking projects, such as Dragonflow, which provides distributed switching, routing and more to Neutron networking. As a leader in software-defined networking, VMware is the second biggest contributor to Neutron -- second only to Red Hat -- with 1,493 code reviews at time of publication. VMware also plays a major role in OpenStack Nova, for which it is currently the twelfth largest contributor with 169 code reviews. As both Neutron and Nova are key projects for Openstack, I think it's fair to say that VMware's role in OpenStack development can't be overstated.

VMware's contributions to Nova and Neutron also indicate that VMware focuses primarily on OpenStack projects that relate to vSphere, which makes sense as VMware mainly uses OpenStack as an extension of vSphere. This is different than Red Hat or Hewlett Packard Enterprise's approach to OpenStack; both Red Hat and HPE are more all-around contributors to OpenStack projects.

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