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What does the VMware roadmap for NSX look like?

Is it too early to get a VMware roadmap for NSX as the virtualization business steers its customers to the software-defined data center?

In 2003, VMware created a roadmap for measuring workloads and the physical-to-virtual process that would allow companies to build an infrastructure that could be virtualized. What is VMware doing now to lead customers to network virtualization?

"We are in the first stage of network virtualization. We are focused on the top 200 customers, the early adopters. [These are] customers with a thousand [virtual machines] at the minimum [running a] cloud management platform," according to Ravi Kagalavadi, principal system engineer of network virtualization at VMware.

Kagalavadi took this question about the VMware roadmap during his "Introducing VMware NSX Network Virtualization" keynote at the Virtual Technology Users Group (VTUG) Fall Forward 2013 event.

"If you don't have a cloud management platform, [NSX] isn't going to help you. [NSX] is all about business agility and how fast you can provision," he said.

This year, 10 years after VMware's virtualization technology made a splash, the company worked on putting NSX into practice. They'll continue to forge ahead.

"The goal [in 2013] is to get the design wins and the architectural wins. Next year, we're going to start to get more production deployments," Kagalavadi said. "The largest production deployment we have [on NSX] is Rackspace, running close to 100,000 workloads. We also have eBay, close to 80,000 workloads. Both are in an OpenStack environment right now."

"[NSX] is available for all vSphere customers. You will see more of the roadmap, the journey, how to migrate from your standard virtual switch to NSX, how you can start looking at various deployment technologies. I expect more will happen [in 2014]," he said.

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