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What's the difference between Horizon Mirage and Horizon Workspace?

While linked under the Horizon banner, Horizon Mirage and Horizon Workspace serve separate purposes for systems administrators.

What's the difference between VMware Horizon Mirage and VMware Horizon Workspace?

VMware joined Mirage and Workspace together under the Horizon banner for mobility, but they serve different purposes. Horizon Mirage differs from Horizon Workspace because VMware developed these products for disparate needs. Mirage, using technology from VMware's acquisition of Wanova, is an image management product that helps administrators maintain physical desktops. Workspace is a mobile management application that provides a secure method to send and receive documents with co-workers and clients.

Virtualization administrators use Horizon Workspace to offer end users an environment that contains applications and data that they can access from any device -- smartphone, tablet or laptop -- so long as they have an Internet connection. Horizon Workspace delivers applications from a browser on Windows and on mobile devices. Horizon Workspace allows end users the flexibility to use their own device while satisfying the needs of the business to keep apps and information secure.

With Horizon Mirage, a virtualization administrator manages the Windows operating systems on physical desktops. With Horizon Mirage, a sysadmin can execute a number of tasks that traditionally have been time-consuming.

With Horizon Mirage, an administrator can deploy a new desktop or laptop, migrate an OS to a newer version, and synchronize the information on physical machines in the data center in case a desktop or laptop has been lost or stolen or is no longer functioning.

Horizon Mirage uses a layered approach to separate the OS, data and applications so an administrator can manage these sections individually.

Administrators can also use Horizon Mirage to manage Horizon View virtual desktops. If a sysadmin needs to replace or redeploy the operating system on a View desktop, then Horizon Mirage can perform this task while keeping the user's applications intact.

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