VCDX (VMware certified design expert)

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Contributor(s): Tom Walat

VCDX (VMware certified design expert) is VMware's highest certification level. There are currently three solution tracks for VCDX: Data center virtualization, cloud and end-user computing.

For VCDX certification, the candidate needs to pass exams in enterprise administration and design. After passing the exams, the candidate submits a design plan for a large virtualized infrastructure environment. If the plan is accepted, the candidate presents and defends the plan before a panel of VCDX holders. During the defense portion, the applicant explains why certain decisions were made, answers questions from panel members and attempts to troubleshoot a theoretical problem posed by the board. 

VCDX certification candidates must first acquire the VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and advanced professional (VCAP) administration and design certifications.



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The article is incorrect in saying that a VCDX candidate must first pass a VCA exam. This is not required.


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