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VMkernel is a POSIX-like operating system developed by VMware. 

The VMkernel is the liaison between virtual machines (VMs) and the physical hardware that supports them. VMware calls VMkernel a microkernel because it runs on bare metal, directly on VMware ESX hosts. The VMkernal is responsible for allocating memory, scheduling CPUs and providing other hardware abstraction and operating system (OS) services. 




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There is no such thing as POSIX-like. The vmkernel is not an operating system, VMware ESXi is an operating system that uses the vmkernel. VMware ESXi is mostly POSIX compliant and it's Unix-like. Consider reading up on POSIX, UNIX, Unix-like operating systems, and kernels before you post misinformation on the internet and confuse people. You could have at least read the Wikipedia article on VMware ESX.

I'm a MTS at VMware
Yes, completely agree with user xj5055.

He is absolutely right. As an operating system professor, for many years, I agree 100% that there is no such thing as POSIX-like and you cannot consider the vmkernel as an operating system. Please investigate further .


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