VMware App Volumes (formerly CloudVolumes)

Contributor(s): Tom Walat

VMware App Volumes (formerly CloudVolumes) is layering software that puts applications into compartments for easier deployment in a virtual desktop infrastructure environment.

App Volumes builds a virtual machine disk file for applications and connects them to a user desktop or virtual machine. Administrators can use App Volumes to remove, to update, or to install applications for users in real time. App Volumes allows applications and data to follow end users across devices and sessions.

VMware acquired CloudVolumes in August 2014 and released it with the name App Volumes in December 2014. App Volumes is free to owners of the Horizon View Enterprise bundle and can be purchased as a standalone product. In addition to Horizon 6, VMware says App Volumes will work in Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and RDSH.

This was last updated in February 2015

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Do you use an application delivery service in your VDI environment?
We use VMware App Volumes to put applications in compartments hence, making deployment in virtual desktop infrastructure. It enables us to create a virtual machine disk file which enables administrators to remove, update or install applications in real-time as part of allowing applications and data to suit end users in different devices and sessions. App Volumes comes free to Horizon View Enterprise bundle and only purchased as a standalone product.