VMware Project NEE

Contributor(s): Tom Walat

Project NEE (Next-generation Education Environment) is VMware's multi-tenant cloud service for online learning. 

Currently, VMware uses Project NEE to set up virtual computer labs at events like VMworld to deliver product training. Project NEE is not available for general use at this time, but VMware is planning a limited public beta test for a small segment of its customers and partners who have expressed interest in using the service for professional development.

Project NEE users can access virtual machines (VMs) and accompanying lesson materials with a Web browser that fully supports HTML 5. Most of the Project NEE platform is written in the Groovy programming language using the Grails Web application framework. It uses RabbitMQ for messaging between components and can work with PostgreSQL or MongoDB databases, depending on the needs of the application components.

Project NEE uses VMware's vCloud Suite to provide the service. 

This was last updated in November 2013

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