VMware VMmark

Contributor(s): Ryan Lanigan

VMware VMmark is a free benchmarking utility that runs several workloads to measure the performance and scalability of multiple hosts in a virtualized environment.

VMmark runs several virtual machines (VMs) most commonly used in customer data centers, such as a mail server and a front-end Web layer, to produce a benchmark users can use to compare and contrast the performance of various hardware and appliances.

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VMmark groups eight VMs into a tile and will run several tiles to utilize fully the resources of the servers.

VMmark also has the ability to measure power consumption through three different tests: performance only, performance with server power and performance with server and storage power.

The most current version is VMware VMmark version 2.5. VMmark was introduced in 2007.

This was last updated in February 2015

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What benchmarking utilities do you use to test your virtualized environment?
The VMmark Virtualization Platform Benchmark has been our go-to.

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