VMware vCAT (VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit)

Contributor(s): Meredith Courtemanche

VMware vCAT (VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit) is a free set of downloadable documents that VMware provides to administrators implementing and managing VMware vCloud cloud infrastructures.

VMware developed the vCAT reference documents to help cloud architects and engineers understand the governance practices around their infrastructure, to introduce them to the new tools and services that support vCloud and to provide diverse real-world cloud deployment scenarios and best practices. VMware's consulting team uses the vCAT to help clients implement cloud infrastructures. The vCloud Architecture Toolkit also provides guidance for businesses to validate cloud service providers' claims.

VMware vCAT includes:

  • Documents on cloud strategy. 
  • Use cases and definitions for private, hybrid and public cloud
  • vCloud architecture design, deployment and operation.
  • vFabric and vApp deployments.
  • Other related subjects such as third-party tools.

VMware updates vCAT with input from the field, information on new product editions and its own research. VCAT documentation, which is in its third iteration since launching in 2010, is available from VMware's website.

This was last updated in March 2013

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