VMware vCloud Suite

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VMware vCloud Suite is a integrated collection of VMware software products for building a private cloud infrastructure. 

VMware vCloud Suite features components for cloud services provisioning, cloud services monitoring and cloud services chargeback or showback. vCloud Suite, which features a self-service portal, IT service catalog and policy engine, comes in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise versions. 

vCloud Suite 5.5 is composed of: 

vSphere: provides a virtualization platform.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager:  provides automated disaster recovery.

vCloud Networking and Security: includes firewall, VPN, DHCP, NAT and other network functions for a virtualized compute environment. 

vCloudAutomation Center: facilitates self-service cloud service provisioning

vCenter Operations Management Suite: provides a visual representation of the infrastructure's health, security risk and efficiency.

vCloud Director: manages infrastructure as a service (IaaS) architectures by monitoring and controlling various cloud-computing components, such as security, virtual machine (VM) provisioning, billing and self-service access.

This video from VMware explains how vCloud Suite works (minute 2:05)


This was last updated in July 2014

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