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VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VMware VDPA)

Contributor(s): Tom Walat

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VMware VDPA) is a Linux-based virtual appliance for backup and recovery.

VMware VDPA can perform agent-less image backup, replication and restore, individual disk backup, variable-length deduplication, changed block tracking restore and file-level recovery.

VMware VDPA differs from VMware vSphere Data Protection (VMware VDP) in several ways:

VMware VDP VMware VDPA
Included with vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and higher versions Licensed at $1,095 per physical CPU
Supports a maximum of 2 TB deduplicated data per virtual appliance Supports 8 TB deduplicated data per virtual appliance

VMware VDPA also has more advanced and restore capabilities through agents for SQL Server, Exchange and Sharepoint and features off-site replication of backup data. VMware VDPA also includes EMC's Data Data Domain Boost software for faster backups by offloading the deduplication process to backup appliances.

VDPA is based on EMC Avamar deduplication technology. It requires VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 or higher and vCenter Server 5.1 or higher to operate.



This was last updated in February 2014

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