VMware vSphere Loyalty Program

The VMware vSphere Loyalty Program is a global program that allows VMware EVO:RAIL customers to apply VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses to their VMware EVO:RAIL appliances.

By allowing customers to apply the license to EVO:RAIL, the loyalty program reduces the overall cost of an EVO:RAIL purchase. Customers that obtained a license through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Partners, Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELAs) or other resale channels are eligible for the VMware vSphere Loyalty Program. Customer must have a minimum of eight CPU vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses for one EVO:RAIL appliance. vSphere Loyalty Program partners can also use vSphere Enterprise Plus license to license all appliances in the cluster. The vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses must be under current support from VMware or a Qualified EVO:RAIL Partner.

This was last updated in October 2015

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