monster VM (monster virtual machine)

Contributor(s): Ryan Lanigan

A monster virtual machine is a virtual machine (VM) that typically has more than eight virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and more than 255 GB of virtual RAM. Monster VMs are used to virtualize applications with large resource needs, such as Microsoft Exchange or an Oracle database.

The term originated in 2011 when VMware increased the virtual hardware limits on virtual machines from vSphere 4 to vSphere 5. The company raised the VM limits from eight to 32 vCPUs and from 255 GB to 1 TB of virtual RAM.

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This was last updated in October 2014

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For some of the applications we were testing (distributed database apps), this would have been extremely helpful. We had several small servers to simulate interactions, but it would have been great to have had at least one machine that could have replicated our entire database (scrubbed, of course ;) ).

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