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Chronicling the Dell-EMC merger news

Splash from the largest ever tech deal is sending ripples through data centers everywhere and has the IT world what's to come.


Since the Dell-EMC merger was announced in October 2015, a steady stream of news has flowed out. That news has alternated between reports casting doubts on whether the companies can overcome the financial barriers threatening to kill the deal, to ones that say it could be the smartest venture both companies could pursue. What ultimately proves true won't be revealed for another year or two.

Between layoffs and the crumbling of the proposed joint venture between EMC and VMware, there have been many moving parts to track. It's not going to happen overnight but Dell needs to figure out which products and technologies it wants to keep as well as deciding which ones it can sell in order to raise the necessary cash to finance the deal.

 While it will take some time to properly sort through these matters, there are developments happening now. After the Dell-EMC merger, EMC and VMware teamed up with VCE to announce VxRail, a new hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that combines VSAN and vSphere with EMC software. VMware also announced a new version of NSX is due in 2016.

Shortly after the Dell-EMC merger was announced, EMC and VMware made plans to create a new hybrid cloud services business under the Virtustream brand, which was acquired earlier in 2015. But just two months later, VMware announced it was backing out of the joint venture. One speculation as to why VMware backed out was the pressure from its investors who thought the association with EMC would adversely affect the price of its stock.


The latest on convergence from EMC, VMware and VCE

VCE teamed up with EMC and VMware to release VxRail, their new hyper-converged infrastructure offering. VxRail combines data services from EMC and software -- like vSphere and VSAN -- from VMware.


Hyper-converged choices pit hypervisor mobility vs. VMware

The latest hyper-converged appliance from VMware and VCE is built around VMware software integration, while Nutanix gives users a way to easily move applications off VMware's hypervisor. Continue Reading

Blog Post

VMware using VSAN to redefine hyper-convergence, but is it the right move?

VMware unveiled the latest version of its Virtual SAN software this week, and while the release includes welcome improvements, VMware's marketing message is missing the mark. Continue Reading


President: We're moving VCE converged infrastructure up the stack

IT pros increasingly want to buy infrastructure and not build it, says president of VCE Chad Sakac, as he outlines plans for the company's converged infrastructure products. Continue Reading


Life beyond Vblock: VCE repositions as EMC's new converged division

The maker of the Vblock, VCE, is securing its role within the EMC Federation after the Dell-EMC merger as a converged platform division with new offerings in the works. Continue Reading


Time waits for no one -- except the Dell-EMC-VMware deal

As the hype over the Dell-EMC-VMware deal simmers down, it could take some time before IT takes full measure of the deal's impact. Continue Reading


How the Virtustream joint venture came and went

Less than two months after the Virtustream joint venture between EMC and VMware was announced it was no more. VMware, amid pressure from investors and poor stock prices, announced it had backed out of the deal.


VMware backs out of Virtustream hybrid cloud venture with EMC

Virtualisation giant confirms exit from hybrid cloud joint venture with parent company Continue Reading


EMC-VMware hybrid cloud venture gets thumbs up from some

Investors may have objections to the deal, but analysts and users see a lot of upside to the EMC-VMware joint cloud venture, with the EMC-acquired Virtustream at its center. Continue Reading


EMC and VMware launch managed hybrid cloud joint venture using Virtustream brand

EMC-owned Virtustream set to become outlet for storage and virtualisation firm's hybrid cloud managed services Continue Reading


EMC weighs up VMware's involvement in Virtustream joint venture

Concerns about how VMware's sliding share price could affect its merger with Dell have reportedly prompted EMC to reconsider its stake in Virtustream Continue Reading


Virtustream trumps vCloud Air in EMC-VMware cloud federation

EMC and VMware have formed a new joint cloud service under the Virtustream brand, as the companies seek to expand hybrid offerings and consolidate cloud services. Continue Reading

3Finance and business-

The latest from the business side

Since the Dell-EMC merger was announced in October 2015, there has been plenty happening for VMware on the business end of things.


Dell announces plan to buy EMC (and VMware)! Here's our full analysis

Yesterday Dell announced a plan to buy EMC. Since EMC owns VMware, this effectively means Dell announced a plan to buy VMware. Continue Reading


Dell-EMC merger weighs on VMware fortunes

As the Dell-EMC deal looms large, VMware will retool its cloud strategy, led behind private to public cloud migrations. Continue Reading


What does the Dell takeover of EMC mean for VMware?

Two of the largest hardware vendors have agreed to merge, but where does that leave the biggest name in virtualization? Continue Reading


Dell-VMware deal begins with risky hands-off strategy

More than a week after its $67 billion acquisition of EMC and VMware, Dell fails to offer specifics on VMware's role in the combined company. Can this be a good thing? Continue Reading


What to expect when Dell acquires EMC

The Dell-EMC merger matters to a lot of enterprise IT organizations, whether it's the storage they buy, their plan for SDN, management software integration or even converged infrastructure choices. Continue Reading

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AirWatch sees huge growth as VMware prepares to cut 800 jobs

Despite laying off its entire Workstation and Fusion groups, VMware will not discontinue those products. "Not at all," a VMware spokesperson said. "In some cases, roles and responsibilities ... Continue Reading


Tucci on Dell-EMC acquisition: We know what we're doing

Although financial factors have deteriorated since Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC was announced, EMC's CEO said the megadeal is on track to close in 2016 as planned. Continue Reading

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VMware ready to drop the axe on vCloud Air, Fusion groups

The bloodletting at VMware has begun. Reports published over the past several days about VMware laying off as many as 900 of its 18,000 or so employees are proving correct. Continue Reading

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