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Choose the right VMware certification to boost your career


VMware certification is a litmus test designed to demonstrate the recipient's knowledge of the latest virtualization technology. The higher you go up the ladder, the more advanced your level of expertise.

Over the years, VMware has expanded into new areas of technology, including networking, hyper-convergence, virtual desktop infrastructure, automation and cloud computing, and it has updated its certifications to reflect that evolution.

VMware offers four levels of certification: VMware Certified Associate (VCA), VMware Certified Professional (VCP), VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX). Certain certifications, such as VCAP and VCDX, give the applicant the option to specialize in a specific technology.

Are you considering applying for a VMware certification? Refer to this guide to learn more about different VMware certification levels, the costs associated with certifications, common certification roadblocks and how to best prepare for your certification exam.


Decide whether a VMware certification is in your future

VMware certifications can add a little shine to any resume and earn you industry respect, but there are a few things to consider before you get started: What are your career goals, and which certification or certifications can help you achieve them? How difficult is it to get certified, and what are the requirements for each exam? How much does it cost to get certified? These tips can help answer these questions and more, and ensure that you start your journey on the right foot.


Which VMware certification path should you follow?

Certification can help you break into the IT job market or obtain partner status at your current place of employment, but there's no one-size-fits-all VMware certification. Different certifications come with different expectations and benefits, so be mindful to choose one that most closely matches your goals. Continue Reading


Read up on VMware certifications before you take your first step

VMware is constantly on the lookout for new ways to expand and improve its certification program. Understandably, this can make it tricky for would-be VMware experts to keep up. Learn about changes to VMware certifications and how to best get started in this tip from independent trainer and IT consultant Rob Bastiaansen. Continue Reading


VMware makes significant changes to certification roadmap

VSphere 6 came with a number of changes to the VMware certification roadmap, such as the introduction of a new vSphere Foundations Exam designed to make it easier for VCP students to specialize in different technologies. However, not all the changes -- especially those to the VCAP certification -- were met with praise. Continue Reading


VMware drastically increases the price of high-level certification

It takes a significant investment of time and effort to obtain a VMware certification and, after an increase in price, it could take a significant monetary investment, too. VMware tripled the price of its VCDX exam, reducing the number of VCDX candidates -- but the company claims the benefits of upper-level certification justify the dramatic increase. Continue Reading


The case for multiple vendor certifications

Although having certified knowledge of one specific product or technology can certainly add some polish to your resume, for most employers, a single certification isn't enough. Now more than ever, companies are looking for candidates with multiple certifications across different vendors and a diverse knowledge base. Continue Reading

2Certification options-

Decide which VMware certification is right for you

As mentioned above, there are four VMware certification levels: VCA, VCP, VCAP and VCDX. The lowest level of VMware certification, VMware Certified Associate, indicates that the recipient has a basic understanding of virtualization technology and is able to apply it to VMware products. The next step up, VMware Certified Professional, demonstrates more advanced skills, such as installing and configuring vCenter Server or VMware ESXi.

The top tier certifications, VMware Certified Advanced Professional and VMware Certified Design Expert, indicate an advanced knowledge of virtualization technology and VMware products and put the recipient in elite company. In order to obtain VCAP certification, you must first obtain VCP certification. In order to obtain VCDX certification, you must first obtain VCAP certification.

In addition to these four levels of certification, VMware offers four specialized certification tracks: data center virtualization, network virtualization, cloud management and automation, and desktop and mobility. Read these tips to learn more about the requirements for these certification levels and tracks.

Take these virtualization certification exams to get ahead Certifications are an asset to any IT professional, and the more advanced the certification, the better. Learn more about the requirements, costs and more for these five popular vendor certifications -- including the VCP6-DCV certification from VMware -- to figure out which certification path is right for you.


Take these virtualization certification exams to get ahead

Certifications are an asset to any IT professional, and the more advanced the certification, the better. Learn more about the requirements, costs and more for these five popular vendor certifications -- including the VCP6-DCV certification from VMware -- to figure out which certification path is right for you. Continue Reading


Get your foot in the door with a VCA certification

Introduced in 2013, VCA is an entry-level certification that demonstrates that the recipient has a working knowledge of how to implement VMware technology. Even though it doesn't prove technical prowess -- you'll need at least VCP certification for that -- it's a good way to showcase familiarity with VMware concepts, and it can help you get started on your certification journey. Continue Reading


VMware adds value to VCP certification with new training requirements

VMware has expanded its influence beyond the realm of virtualization and updated its various certifications to reflect that. Those interested in VCP certification now have the option to specialize in one of four certification tracks -- but in order to obtain these specialized certifications, students will have to put in extra work. Continue Reading


Take the logical step from VCP certification to VCAP certification

VMware reinstated VCAP certification in 2016 with two new, lab-based exams designed to showcase the applicant's aptitude in administering a VMware environment and creating a logical or technical design. Pass both the VCAP Deployment and Design exams and you automatically earn VMware Certified Implementation Expert status. Continue Reading


VMware network certification track reflects complexity of NSX

Since NSX plays such an important role in VMware's product portfolio, it only makes sense that the company would introduce a certification track for it. There are five separate NSX-based certifications at varying levels of difficulty, each with its own roadblocks and rewards. Learn more about NSX certification to stay one step ahead of whatever challenges might come your way. Continue Reading


How can VCDX recipients practically apply their skills?

Curious about pursuing VCDX certification, but unsure whether it's worth the effort? In this Q&A, VCDX recipients John Arrasjid, Mostafa Khalil and Ben Lin share their personal stories, reflect on the VCDX certification process and discuss how they apply VCDX principles to day-to-day operations. Continue Reading


Tips, tricks and resources to help you ace your exam

You've carefully weighed your options and decided which VMware certification path to follow -- now it's time to prepare for your exam. There are a number of ways to study, including signing up for online training courses, joining a study group, building a test lab and taking a practice exam. VMware also provides resources, such as the VCP Community and the VMware Learning Zone, to help you along the way.

Refer to the expert advice shared in these articles to devise a solid study plan and overcome any potential roadblocks along the way.


Monitor your certification progress with VMware Certification Manager

In this blog roundup, virtualization and cloud architect Andrea Mauro explains how the VMware Certification Manager enables the user to view his active certifications, manage his exam history, monitor his certification progress and create personalized certification transcripts. Continue Reading


VMware policy change makes regular VCP recertification mandatory

Following in the footsteps of other major vendors, such as Cisco and Red Hat, VMware created a two-year recertification policy for VCP in March 2014 to keep candidates' skills current. Learn more about VCP recertification requirements and the consequences of failing to recertify in this article from VMware Certified Instructor Rob Bastiaansen. Continue Reading


Tips from a VMware insider to prepare for NSX certification

Chris McCain, director of training and certification for networking and security at VMware, discusses his role in developing the NSX certification track, addresses common challenges certification candidates face and offers advice on how to best prepare for your upcoming certification exam. Continue Reading


One man's journey from VMware novice to VCDX

In this podcast, Rene Van Den Bedem, chief architect at Saudi Telecom Company, describes his experience working in IT and telecommunications over the past 20 years, as well as how he worked his way up the VMware certification ladder, all the way to VMware Certified Design Expert. Continue Reading


Straight from the source: Advice from a VMware Certified Instructor

VMware Certified Technical Trainer Bill Ferguson wrote the book on how to prepare for a VCP exam -- literally. In this Q&A, Ferguson shares his thoughts on how VMware certifications stack up to the competition, which exam questions commonly confuse students and why understanding the VCP blueprint is the key to success. Continue Reading


Study up on these VMware terms

A solid understanding of basic VMware products and related technologies is crucial to earning certification. Familiarize yourself with these key terms and concepts to get started.

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