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The VMware infrastructure monitoring encyclopedia


VMware vSphere and vCloud performance can steadily decline without diligent infrastructure monitoring. Virtual machines, hosts, hypervisors, applications and physical hardware all represent potential bottlenecks and areas of resource contention. Routine infrastructure checkups and active monitoring can help prevent VM sprawl, security breaches and system downtime, as well as ensure your environment stays healthy and functions properly.

You have the ability to monitor your vSphere and vCloud infrastructures from vCenter, through supported tools and unsupported flings, through various third-party products and via command-line scripting. Familiarize yourself with all the options at your disposal to learn which will provide you with the most useful data, fit your budget and mesh with your data center most seamlessly.   


Performance-monitoring tools and techniques for vSphere

Actively monitoring your vSphere environment can help prevent small problems from erupting into epic catastrophes and give insights on ways to optimize performance. Issues are often not obvious, but a good monitoring system should prevent you from being blindsided. The only way to form an effective performance-monitoring strategy is to get familiar with the tools from VMware and third parties, understand which information they report and how this fits your overall infrastructure needs.


Look no further than vSphere for performance monitoring

VMware vSphere features several free performance monitoring tools that can help assess the health of your virtual machines and fix resource bottlenecks. Continue Reading


The keys to managing and monitoring vSphere performance

There are lots of VMware management tools out there. This guide highlights the most important ones for VMware monitoring and offers best practices for improving VMware performance. Continue Reading


Learn how to monitor VMware ESXi with your existing Nagios application

Many IT shops already use Nagios monitoring software. With a simple plug-in install and command definitions, Nagios can monitor VMware ESXi. Continue Reading


Third-party tools that help VMware monitoring for storage

Third-party tools provide a single interface to help IT shops monitor the performance of storage, servers and network traffic in VMware environments. Continue Reading


Keeping an eye on your vCloud infrastructure

One barrier to cloud computing adoption is performance monitoring. Though you can apply some of the same virtual infrastructure performance-monitoring tactics to your vCloud environment, you'll also need cloud-specific tools. VMware offers a number of applications and flings for cloud management, but third-party products are also available. The following links will give you a solid understanding of what you need to monitor in your vCloud infrastructure, which tools will serve you best and how those integrate in your existing vSphere environment.


CloudPhysics' innovative resource management tool and virtual infrastructures

A new service from startup CloudPhysics may have admins rethinking resource management. Would you send data to the cloud for analysis and comparison? Continue Reading


Real-world vCloud Director 1.5: Ask the expert

Although many organizations have been slow to adopt vCloud Director 1.5, one expert predicts a coming increase and offers advice for administrators who are looking to get started. Continue Reading


Learn how to install and configure VMware vCloud Connector 1.5

VMware vCloud Connector 1.5 can help admins centrally manage VMs in private and public clouds. This tool shows your cloud workloads in one view. Continue Reading


Understanding the limits of vCloud Automation Center

VMware vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center manage cloud resources together. But depending on your VMware vCAC version, they hardly interact. Continue Reading


Is VMware management software for the cloud a square peg in a round hole?

Originally, VMware management software was designed for virtualization. Now VMware is carrying over those principles to cloud management. But will it work or stifle cloud adoption? Continue Reading


VMware monitoring vocab

For more information on vSphere and vCloud infrastructure monitoring, check out this glossary of related tools and terms.

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