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The essential guide to VMware NSX SDN technology

Review the fundamentals of the VMware NSX SDN technology, its slate of features and what the future holds for VMware's new flagship product.


VMware's NSX network virtualization technology gives IT administrators the ability to virtualize network components without manual configuration. They can use VMware NSX software-defined networking (SDN) technology to manage networks at the hypervisor level, and they can use software to provision, organize and secure enterprise-scale networks.

NSX is central to VMware's strategy as it shifts from server virtualization to network virtualization. VMware NSX SDN capabilities play an important role in VMware's software-defined data center initiative and its cloud computing services. VMware NSX SDN features include network functionality built into the hypervisor, dynamic virtual network management, heightened network security and powerful automation.

Explore this essential guide to get a foundation of NSX's capabilities, to learn the extent of its features, to study its implementations and to plan for its future.

1VMware NSX basics-

Fundamentals of VMware NSX

NSX signals a new direction for VMware, as it enables the virtualization of network components and promises streamlined simplicity. Learn the essentials of VMware NSX SDN technology.


Get a handle on NSX

View the capabilities of NSX from a big picture perspective to see how seemingly fragmented features can form a powerful service. VMware NSX software-defined networking shines when compared to outdated, edge-based security in nonvirtualized data centers. Continue Reading


What are the most common NSX use cases?

NSX streamlines and simplifies networking tasks and deployments that were previously difficult to use. Deployments that were static can now be flexible and adaptable. Continue Reading


Explore the benefits of NSX

VMware NSX SDN technology uses abstraction to enable increased functionality and detailed security policies in a virtualized network. Its primary benefits include enabling administrators to avoid the time-consuming process of manual provisioning. Continue Reading


NSX beyond vSphere

VMware is pushing NSX-T as a platform for NSX beyond vSphere deployments. Features that emphasize containers make it a powerful asset outside of vSphere. Continue Reading


NSX leads the way at VMworld

NSX won't stand alone; VMware's NSX SDN technology will become essential to many of its core products. Continue Reading

2VMware NSX features-

Evaluate the capabilities of NSX

VMware has continued to add significant features to the NSX platform since its release. Features and security developments have improved the VMware NSX software-defined networking platform and kept it top of mind for VMware administrators.


Navigate NSX's many networking and security features

Microsegmentation, logical switching and load balancing are among the most powerful features of VMware's NSX SDN technology. These features contribute to a platform that provides administrators with a robust networking and security service. Continue Reading


Use vRealize Log Insight with NSX 6.2.3

Identify potential problems with an NSX deployment by using logs from ESXi hosts. In a service with distributed components, this centralization is a necessity. Continue Reading


SpoofGuard enables protection against malicious network activity

Activate SpoofGuard in an NSX deployment to defend against web spoofing and phishing. Integrating SpoofGuard and VMkernel won't significantly affect performance. Continue Reading


Use a message bus in NSX

A message bus guarantees that certain messages make it to the host, even if it happens to be unavailable. NSX Manager transmits information to the ESXi hosts with the message bus. Continue Reading


NSX-T receives 2.0 update

NSX-T now supports microsegmentation and containers for an NSX version designed for non-vSphere deployments. This development of new features ensures that NSX-T can keep pace with NSX. Continue Reading


NSX receives major upgrade in version 6.3

Version 6.3 of NSX adds improvements that range from bug fixes to new features, including enhanced troubleshooting and security tagging. This version is a major upgrade that follows numerous bug fixes. Continue Reading

3VMware NSX in action-

Explore how NSX works in the field

VMware NSX has proven to be a popular and capable service. VMware administrators can apply its features and compare it to similar technologies as they learn how to choose between editions, and how to implement and configure it.


Choose between NSX editions

NSX comes in Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Remote Office/Branch Office editions, each with feature sets suited to different contexts. Continue Reading


Get the right tools for NSX

VMware NSX SDN technology is not alone. A variety of other VMware services and integrations with third-party platforms are available. Continue Reading


Establish NSX in a vSphere infrastructure

Learn how to configure NSX's product suite and integrate it into a vSphere infrastructure. The importance of this service will only grow as it becomes essential to vSphere. Continue Reading


Senior network engineer recommends NSX

After deploying VMware's NSX and Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure, an engineer believes VMware NSX software-defined networking is the way forward. The ability to make seamless changes is one of its most compelling qualities. Continue Reading


NSX is on the way to full integration

VMware is still pushing to become an end-to-end networking company through product development, acquisitions and an NSX-focused initiative. NSX is VMware's primary method of reaching new markets. Continue Reading

4The future of VMware NSX-

A new direction

VMware is forging a new path with NSX. Server virtualization has been established, and VMware is pursuing network virtualization as a future growth area.


NSX guides VMware's business strategy

The VMware NSX SDN technology will soon establish itself throughout VMware's product portfolio. VMware executive Peter Ulander discusses the centrality of NSX to VMware's strategies. Continue Reading


Where do containers fit in NSX?

The microservices architecture in the VMware NSX SDN service makes it a key tool for container networking. With it, VMware could position itself as a primary infrastructure provider in the container market. Continue Reading


VMware looks to hybrid cloud networking

VMware NSX SDN technology might play a role in VMware's cloud strategies. As vSphere revenues slump, a cloud future is key to VMware's sustainability. Continue Reading


NSX expands beyond microsegmentation

The microsegmentation the VMware NSX SDN technology makes it a popular use case, but multisite and multi-cloud contexts are emerging reasons to use NSX. Continue Reading


Key NSX terms

Understand the terms used in this guide and navigate the technologies associated with NSX.

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