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Ask the experts: What’s the best VMware blog?

It can be hard to sort through all the information out there. Find out which VMware blog our expert contributors picked as their favorite.

A good VMware blog can help IT professionals stay on top of product updates or best practices, which is important considering the blistering pace of change in the world of IT. It seems every week brings some new technology or different best practice for using established products. Luckily, the speed with which that information is accessible has accelerated, as well. IT pros no longer have to wait for formal training seminars or white papers to learn about VMware products.

Best VMware books

Next week we ask our experts for their recommendations on VMware-related books and also find out what they’re reading for fun. Spoiler alert: Believe it or not, none of them said they skim CLI reference books while relaxing at the beach.

Today, VMware blogs are becoming a favorite way to learn. Original blogs, such as The Virtualization Room or Brian Madden’s blog are becoming increasingly important for IT pros who want to stay on the razor’s edge of new technology or virtualization news.

With that in mind, we asked our expert contributors to pick their favorite VMware blog, with the hope of giving you some recommended summer reading. Not surprisingly, some couldn’t narrow it down to just one, and you’ll notice a few names came up more than once. What do you think of this list? Are we missing a VMware blog you regularly follow? Leave a comment below and let us know, or tell us on Twitter, @SearchVMwareTT.  

Mak King, virtualization and application expert
I read several blogs, and each has a different purpose. Although not really a blog, SearchVMware.com helps a lot, as the other authors have diverse backgrounds and provide a lot of good info.
I also like vSphere-land. This site is from Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert). His VMware blog keeps things practical and real, not just theory.

David Davis, virtualization trainer, vExpert, @davidmdavis
Other than my blog, VMwareVideos.com and my TrainSignal company blog, I regularly read some other, great virtualization blogs:

  • Planet v12n: If you read just one blog, this VMware blog aggregator is the single, best site to read, as it compiles about a hundred of the best virtualization blogs in one place.
  • VSphere-land: Eric Siebert's virtualization blog is a massive resource of virtualization tips.
  • Yellow-Bricks.com: Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB) runs a great site where he has excellent tips for vSphere and some of the best High Availability/Distributed Resource Scheduler tips you'll find, anywhere.
  • NTPRO.nl: Eric Sloof (@esloof) is a VMware Certified Instructor and runs a great VMware blog where he always gets the scoop on the latest in VMware virtualization.

Brian Knudtson, solutions architect, vExpert, @bknudtson
How can I pick just one VMware blog? There are so many great people providing information on so many great topics. I guess I’d have to pick Eric Siebert’s vSphere-land. Specifically, his vLaunchPad section, because he has links to all my favorite virtualization sites. I know that’s probably cheating, but this is an unfair question.

Sander van Vugt, independent trainer and consultant, @sandervanvugt
The cool thing about blogs is that there is so much choice. I don’t have one particular blog that really stands out. There are so many. So, I think my favorite VMware blog is whatever I happen to find on Google.

Mike Nelson, infrastructure architect and consultant, @nelmedia
Duncan Epping's Yellow Bricks blog is my favorite. He's a smart guy, who tells it like it is, and sometimes it pisses people off. Love it.

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