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Demystifying the last hurdle to VCDX certification: Panel defense

If you're considering investing the time and effort to pursue VMware's pinnacle certification, VCDX, take a peek inside the VCDX panel defense.

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Panel defense is the last hurdle separating a knowledgeable VMware admin or architect from VCDX certification. VCDX candidates can give themselves an added boost by knowing what to expect and what weaknesses attract the panel's attention.

By the time candidates for VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification stand up for this panel defense, they have already passed their VMware Certified Professional (VCP) test, obtained VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) titles in administration and design, and had their infrastructure design vetted by a committee of VCDX holders. Equally valuable, they've accumulated diverse enterprise IT experience and know how to apply it.

If you've invested the time and energy to make it this far, you want to nail the in-person design defense. To that end, John Arrasjid, Mostafa Khalil and Ben Lin -- VCDX001, 002 and 045, respectively -- published VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense. The book breaks down every element of the VCDX certification process, including details on each stage of your panel defense and the panelists' perspectives, with advice from global VCDX holders.

Chapter two focuses on experience -- both the candidate's experience and how to draw on the experience of others -- and its role in your VCDX design. It also demystifies panel defense day -- everything from time limits to how the room will be set up -- so you can practice at home and in mock panels with colleagues. From Chapter 2, Preparation:

If content is missing for any VCDX Blueprint area, expand on your design to meet the missing areas or select another design for submission. This is an example of adding fictional components. Alignment of a design to the VCDX Blueprint provides a strong advantage because it demonstrates knowledge and skills required. The design must be consistent across both the documentation and the application. Missing blueprint items in your design minimize the scoring opportunities available and pose a risk to passing.

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Editor's note: The chapter excerpt from VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense, ISBN 978-0-321-91059-2, by John Arrasjid, Mostafa Khalil and Ben Lin, is available courtesy of VMware Press, a publishing alliance between Pearson Education and VMware Inc.

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