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Disk cleanup and IT chargeback tools on VMware admins' holiday wish lists

If you could implement one tool or process for your IT shop, what would it be? This wish list exercise could help you plan budget priorities in 2013.

IT professionals are used to working with what they've got in terms of software, hardware, budget and hours in a day -- all year long. What if you harken back to a Letter to Santa mentality this holiday season and ask for what you really, really want in the data center, without considering cost? It's a fun exercise that might help clarify your priorities going into the next budget cycle.

Here's what some of your colleagues put on their IT wish lists:

I would like an IT chargeback tool that's price is based on added virtual machines, not consumption.

Ricky El-Qasem

IT chargeback tools can help CIOs and IT departments balance budgets with business priorities. Ricky El-Qasem (@rickyelqasem on Twitter) would like an IT chargeback tool that's price is based on added virtual machines (VMs), not consumption. Followers suggested El-Qasem put products from SolarWinds or Embotics on his wish list.

"I'd ask Santa for a more production-like development environment," said Tristan Schneiter, a software developer at Etsy Inc., in an interview with SearchVMware. While he'd appreciate the power of production-ready hardware -- no more slow VMs for development! -- what Schneiter really wants is "the ability to have a complete copy of production data in [his] development environment." Even better, he'd want to be able to step back a VM to any date, which would help with debugging.

You can't always buy what you want. "Have fun at VMUG; wish there was a more active one around here," lamented a tweet from Hersey Cartwright (@herseyc), a senior virtualization engineer at ABS Technology Architects. There are more than 100 local VMware User Group (VMUG) chapters in the U.S. and many more around the globe, so chances are there's one near you.

Some VMware admins are getting what they wished for a little earlier. Mikael Svenson (@mikaelsvenson) freed up more than 40 GB of disk space with the disk cleanup utility in VMware Workstation 9. He tweets, "How come they didn't create this earlier?"

If all of these items seem a bit to prosaic to be putting on your ultimate IT wish list, VMware CTO Stephen Herrod has a better idea: Bid on a rejected Industrial Light & Magic-made Yoda head that was to go over the animatronic Yoda skeleton in Star Wars, among other unique collectibles from the series. Herrod tweets (@herrod) of the Star Wars auction items, "Just found my Christmas wish list…"

Are you yearning for a new product -- vCloud Suite 5.1 with all the trimmings? Or would you ask for a less tangible gift, like more time in the day or VCP tests that don't require classes? Share your IT wish list with us via email at, Twitter at @SearchVMwareTT or try a letter to the (virtual) North Pole.

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